Thursday, February 26, 2015

The road to excellence: Becoming a highly effective physical therapist

More than a physician’s assistant, a personal trainer, or a private practitioner attending to patients with an aching back, a stiff neck, or cramping or creaky knees, a physical therapist’s role in wellness calls for genuine concern for others, even beyond their hurts and pains.

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Physical therapists are expected to possess a natural flair for comforting others. While patients often endure painful and slow recovery over a long period of time, which leads to them feeling frustrated, temperamental, depressed, or embarrassed, physical therapists save the day by motivating, encouraging, and supporting them all the way to recovery. I would like to believe that like the noble profession of teaching, physical therapy also demands composure, patience and perseverance, and resilience in performing according to the demands dictated by clients, and the standards of professional practice.

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Aside from having these personal traits, a competent physical therapist is equipped with the required education, credentials and specializations, valid certifications, and knowledge on current techniques and equipment.

Just recently, physical therapist Gregory Given from Chicago was bestowed the Five Star Physical Therapy award, which recognized his hard work, superior talent, and notable success as a physical therapist. A Five Star Award is bequeathed to deserving candidates who stand out in terms of their level of experience, extent of service, and expertise.

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From a roster of carefully selected candidates, the most outstanding one is handpicked considering criteria encompassing patient satisfaction, licensing and credentials, years of service, education level, professional achievements, new patient acceptance, and cancellation, show, and average patient rates.

Gaining the regard and respect of clients and wellness institutions is one of the benchmarks of highly sought physical therapists. I am convinced that we make the world a better place. Kudos to all of us, fellow therapists!  

I am Brent Morgan Waco, physical therapist, at your service. After a challenging workday, I love to listen to punk rock, music from the ‘80s, and old school hip hop artists, like Run DMC and The Beastie Boys. Though nothing gets me moving like my all-time favorite artist Led Zeppelin, being fit and health conscious brings me indoors to practice yoga, and outdoors to master parkour moves. Follow me on Twitter to know more about my fitness regimen.

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